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Sponsor a Wishgranter today & help make life-changing wishes come true! 

Wishes wouldn't be able to come true without our dedicated team of Wishgranters, giving children and families memories to treasure forever. By Sponsoring a Wishgranter today you will receive regular updates, learn about the hard work that goes into granting wishes and how each and every single wish gives children the strength to carry on fighting or living with their condition.

What is a Wishgranter?

A Wishgranter grants life-changing wishes for seriously ill children. They are behind the scenes planning the wish, speaking with the family and making sure it is as special as possible.

How does my donation help?

Your regular donation helps us plan for the future and grant more life-changing wishes for seriously ill children.

*Your donation is not directly spent on a specific Wishgranter but will go towards Wishgranting costs.

What is Sponsor a Wishgranter?

Sponsor a Wishgranter is a regular gift where you follow a Wishgranter’s journey to granting wishes through email updates.

Why others give

"We donate monthly to Make-A-Wish to help you make lots of wishes come true"

"To see the smile on their faces and to make a difference"


Beth - Wishgranter

I became a Wishgranter over a year ago and haven't looked back since. I heard from a friend who used to work at Make-A-Wish that it was a 'magical' place to be and she wasn't wrong. I cannot wait to share my journey with you and show you what goes into granting a seriously ill child's One True Wish.

The funds you donate will not directly be spent on a specific Wishgranter but rest assured, your money will be spent on Wishgranting costs to help us grant life-changing wishes to the hundreds of children that turn to us each year.