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How wishes help

When a child is fighting a critical illness, their future is uncertain. Their whole family’s world is turned upside down. That's why wishes are so important. Once their most cherished wish is granted, a child will see that anything is possible. It gives them and their family the emotional strength they desperately need to fight their condition and hope to face their future – whatever it might hold.


Grace, with her published book

Quality of life

"Medical research is brilliant and necessary to donate to, but a lot of what is being researched now won't help the child of today, it will help the child of tomorrow. Make-A-Wish is able to help children right now and they give something concrete that helps the child stay positive. The wish really lifted Grace so she didn't just have to deal with relentless treatment for three years."

Wish mum Miriam, mum to Grace,
who wished to publish her own book.


Of families agreed that
the wish experience added to
the wish child's quality of life

Grace, with her published book
Olivia as queen elsa

Physical & Health Benefits

"I didn't think of Make-A-Wish for Olivia because I thought it was an end-of-life type thing but i realised that is not what it's about, it's about giving a child that break from hospital. I'd definitely go for it for any children that are going through treatment - they all deserve to have a special day."

Wish mum Sarah, mum to Olivia,
who wished to be Queen Elsa for the day.


of families believe that
the wish child had a greater
sense of energy after their wish

Cerys, with YouTuber Joe

Emotional benefits

"I have cried many tears of happiness over the wish. Meeting Joe (Sugg) is something that she will never forget - the wish and her vlogging dream helps keeps her spirits up when she is feeling low or unwell."

Wish mum Niki, mum to Cerys,
who wished to be a YouTuber.


Of families reported that
their child had a stronger sense
of well-being due to the wish experience

Cerys, with YouTuber Joe
Ben during his day as a chef

Whole family benefits

"Make-A-Wish gives children confidence, smiles and happiness, A wish is more than that though - it is about independence and achieving something, which is amazing. A wish isn't something you get everyday which makes it very special."

Wish mum Michelle, mum to our 10,000th wish child Ben,
who wished to be a chef.


Of families believed the
wish experience gave their
family a greater sense of closeness

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What doctors tell us

Dr. Parke, from the Royal Devon and Exeter, has worked with many children facing life-threatening conditions, and provides day-to-day care as they go through their treatment. He's seen the impact wishes have. He's given his expert opinion on why they're so important.

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