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In March 2019, Adnan’s wish to have The Lion King perform at his fifth birthday came true.

Kristina, wish mum

My son, Sebbie, is 4 years old – he’s an amazing character and is a cheeky little monkey!

When he was just 2, he was diagnosed with a cancer-like condition. He's had to endure lots of chemotherapy. 

It was a low dose at first but he's just finished a particularly hard period of steroid treatment and is now undergoing a more intense chemo every three weeks, for four days at a time.

Make A Wish child Sebbie and his mum smiling

Jamie, wish child

Explaining hospital stays to children can be difficult and daunting. We've put together some top tips on what it's like to be on a paediatric ward, written by 7 year old Jamie (with a little help from his mum Susan!) 

jamie on a sleeper train

Hey, I'm Jamie and I'm 7 years old!

My mum has just told me the awesome news that I'm having a sleepover at Professor Peet's hospital today.

Jodie, wish child

We’re telling the inspirational stories of the children we work with who have used sport to give them strength.

Children like Jodie.

Jodie from West Bromwich had to have her leg amputated in April 2014 after she was diagnosed with bone cancer.

Sporty Jodie has set up her own charity to help other children without limbs. The charity provides special prosthetics that enable children to keep doing the sports and activities they love.

A shocking diagnosis

Jodie was a typical teenage girl who had dreams of being a PE teacher.

She was diagnosed with bone cancer after experiencing pain in her knee. She thought she’d torn a ligament while trampolining. But when the pain got worse and went on for several months, tests showed things were a lot more serious.

jodie and her mum after jodies mum had her hair shaved

She began chemotherapy treatment which meant that she lost her very long hair – something she was dreading. But her “rock” - mum Leasa - had her hair shaved off at the same time in support of Jodie and donated it to charity, which really helped her face the situation.

Learning to walk again

However, the cancer did not respond to the chemotherapy so surgeons explained that the safest option would be to amputate Jodie’s right leg from 20 cm above the tumour.

Amy, wish child

amy and her little sister in hospital

Dear Gemma,

You were only 10 when I was diagnosed with leukaemia. Initially we didn’t want to tell you as you were so little. It was a scary time for everyone and we didn’t want you getting upset.

I can’t imagine what it was like for you trying to understand everything that was going on.

But you were my little side kick… having you beside me in the ward torturing me, playing games and even arguing with me kept me going.

Oh and not to forget how you were my dancing partner! Those hours we spent choreographing and practising routines in the corridors of the hospital ward (as strange as we may have looked), I really appreciated.

Those moments are what kept me strong and gave me determination.

Things were all looking up at Christmas that year, we were back on track and I was healthy again. You had your big sister back at home and life was back to normal.