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Good News: 5 Happy Stories To Brighten Up Your Week

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We’ve rounded up 5 stories from around the web that are sure to bring a smile to your face!

This week the world watches as thousands of athletes take to the stage at the Paralympics – but even before the games began, there were a couple of truly heart-warming stories to report on…   

1. One British paralympian's brother raised money to make sure he could compete in the Rio Paralympics.

Twenty-three year old Miles Gilliver, a ballet dancer, helped raise the funds for his brother Piers to qualify for the games with a galevening. Piers was told aged 11 he’d never walk again – 10 years on and he’s the world number one in his sport of wheelchair epee.

Go Piers! We’ll be rooting for you!

Read the story from the BBC

2. A man has raised money on social media to buy children in Rio Paralympic tickets.

Richard Laver, an interpreter from Rio de Janeiro asked his friends on Facebook for donations so he could give children from Rio free tickets to enjoy the Paralympics. He had such a good response he’s now able to give 450 children and 50 teachers tickets! He told the BBC: “I want them to know that they, too, can overcome obstacles in life.”

What a star!

david laver holding paralympics tickets

Read the story from the BBC

3. A woman is reunited with a long lost letter from her mother who passed away

It was an emotional week for Bethany Gash from Durham when she was reunited with a letter her late mother wrote her as a child before she died. The letter was found in a book in a second-hand book shop and was returned to Bethany following an advert in a local paper. Bethany’s mum wrote: “I will always be in the sky making sure you are alright.”

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4. The Giant Panda is no longer declared an endangered species!

After half a century of trying – there’s now over 2,000 of these beautiful animals in the world, taking it off the endangered species list.

giant panda cub

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5. An emotional moment a girl finds out she’s getting new heart has been doing the rounds on social media.

Macey Wright from Salt Lake City has now received the heart after a successful operation – more reason to smile! Watch the video:

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