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6 quotes from mums about the power of wishes

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1. Zoe, Leighton's mum

"To let him do what he wanted was absolutely amazing"

Zoe was devastated when she found out her son had a rare type of blood cancer when he was just a few months old. His condition has meant that he's been in and out of hospital. For Zoe, it was so special being able to watch him have some independence and lots of fun on his Disneyland wish!

Leighton and his mum selfie

2. Niki, Cerys' mum

"I have cried many tears of happiness over the wish"

Niki was always hearing about her daughter's love of vlogger Joe Sugg. When we told Niki we could organise her daughter's wish to meet Joe she was over-the-moon as she knew how much it meant to Cerys. Niki told us that they draw on the wonderful memories from the wish whenever Cerys is poorly to lift her spirits.

cerys and her mum niki hugging 

3. Claire, Abbigail's mum

"The most magical moment for me was seeing Abbi's face light up"

Abbigail's mum turned to us to grant her wish when she was 5 years old - just before she went in for her third open heart surgery. To see her special little girl have so much fun after such a tough time meant so much to Claire.

abbigail and her family

4. Natalie, Ella's mum

"It really, really helped as a parent to have something to look forward to after a stressful and worrying six months"

Natalie's worst fears were realised when her daughter was diagnosed with a tumour. Ella's wish to meet Katy Ashworth from 'I Can Cook' was just what the family needed - and melted the anxiety away for Natalie and Ella. 

katy ashworth with ella and natalie and family

5. Dale, Daisy's mum

"Seeing Daisy's face when she saw all the glowing lights was just priceless"

Daisy's living with Angleman's syndrome. She's unable to walk, talk and is tube fed. When we granted her wish for sensory equipment her mum told us that it's improved her daughter's quality of life. The sensory equipment calms her down and keeps her happy, meaning life is better for Daisy - and better for Dale. 

daisy in ball pit

6. Joanne, Chloe's mum

"We've all benefitted from the wish emotionally"

Chloe became a mermaid for the day for her wish. Chloe knew the wish was given to her for being so brave after being diagnosed with a heart condition. But it wasn't just Chloe who benefitted from her wish - mum Joanne also told us it helped her and the whole family, providing relaxation after an incredibly stressful time. 

chloe and her family on holiday

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