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7 magical wishes that made sporty kids' dreams come true

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With our Sports Dinner just around the corner, we're taking a look at the magical impact sporty wishes have on the children that receive them. We've rounded up 7 wishes that show just how much sport can transform the lives of seriously ill children. 

1. Benji's unbeatable Barcelona wish comes true

benji and his dad in a stadium in barcelona

Benji's leg completely gave way during a game of football and his parents took him straight to A&E. They had no idea they were about to be told their little boy had a tumour above his right knee. He endured 10 months of chemotherapy and surgery - he's made a good recovery but sadly, he won't be able to play football again. To lift his spirits and give him something to look forward to, his family applied for a wish and he chose to see a top team play in Barcelona. Read his story. 

2. Football-mad Liam meets Memphis Depay

Liam with Memphis

Eleven year old Liam is living with a brain tumour. He loves football, and hates having to miss out on tournaments because of his condition. But Liam's got an amazing positive outlook and goes to school and training whenever he can. A huge Manchester United fan, Liam knew straight away his wish would be to meet the player. The wish left him speechless. Read his story.

3. Joshua's Wembley wish that gave him self-belief

josh holding flag at wembley stadium looking happy

Joshua's living with a very rare condition called POLR3 Leukodystrophy that has no cure. He'd always dreamed of watching England at Wembley. His mum told us that the wish made him believe that things are possible, he was previously very cautious but the wish made him realise he can enjoy life like other children. Read his story. 

4. Jack's Messi wish that gave him hope and positivity 

Jack on the pitch at Camp Nou

Jack's wish to go to see his favourite footballer Messi in Barcelona meant so much to him that when he got back he decided to do his own fundraising and got 6 friends together to run a 2K, raising £1,500 for us. Read his story. 

5. Ashley's Andy Murray wish that meant the world

ashley and andy murray on the tennis courts

Four year old Ashley was diagnsoed with liver cancer. He had to undergo more than any child should, enduring chemotherapy and an operation. He's always been a huge tennis fan and enjoys getting on the courts with his dad. His with to meet Andy Murray "meant everything to him". Read his story.

6. Luke's inspiring wish at the Spanish Grand Prix

Luke Harrison outside the Grand Prix

Luke was diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome. He was put on a list for a bone marrow transplant, but it wasn’t until August that one became available. By this time, the cancer had worsened and the doctors decided to treat him with chemotherapy instead. Luke was whisked off to Barcelona and given the VIP treatment at the Spanish Grand Prix. It inspired him to follow his dream of working in the motor industry. Read his story.

7. Kian once-in-a-lifetime Sky Sports wish

Kian has had over 50 operations in his 15 years of life. There's nothing Kian loves more than watching Sky Sports - his mum told us his wish will help him cope with his illness. Read his story.