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Family Life: Last minute Halloween costume ideas

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If you’ve left it to the last minute to kit your kids out in the spookiest Halloween costume, have no fear, we’ve put some ideas together for making costumes using items around your house!

So whether they’re off to a Halloween party for a treat, or dressing up for school, these tips and tricks will take the pressure off if you’ve not got time to head to the shops – and what’s more – they’ll have their very own individual costume that no one else will have!

Black Cat

cat ears

A classic Halloween favourite, and so easy to do it!

Dig out some black trousers and a black t-shirt.

A tail can be made from a dressing gown belt and ears can be cut out of a cereal box, simply draw the ears onto the box and cut them out. Colour them in your desired colour and super glue them to a head band – voila! Check out this article for more ways of making cat ears! 

Now it’s just cat whiskers and a little nose, grab some eyeliner or face paint and draw these on. Three quick steps to a black cat that you won’t want to cross!


man in white sheet as ghost

This one’s probably the easiest, but does mean you’ll lose a bed sheet!

Check out this fab article that gives 5 ways of making a ghost costume, so take a look and pick the best one for you! 


boy dressed as a mummy.

Don’t panic – we’re not going to suggest wrapping your child in toilet paper!

For a more genuine mummy look, cut up an old white sheet into strips and dip them into a sink with wet tea bags, this will give your little mummy the one-thousand-year-old look without wasting reems of toilet paper and kitchen towels!

This article has more quick ideas to help.


No Halloween is complete without a witch!

Fish out some dark clothes, look for purples, blacks and blues.

You can then use a black bin liner as a cape, why not cut some stars out and glue them to it too?

We’ve found this easy-to-follow guide on making your own witches hat at home too, so this really is a last minute scary costume. 

To finish the look off, use face paints to create this spooky witches face:

...or failing that, dig out some eye shadows, to give your child a witch make up look!

Hocus Pocus, they’re ready to go!