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My weight loss story: from size 36 to a half marathon

Kate Campion, fundraiser

Teacher Kate Campion has lost 10 stone and taken up running in her mission to be a good role model for her daughter Sophie and the pupils she teaches. She took part in the Great North Run last year to raise money for us, which her daughter chose for her.

kate before weightloss

Deciding to lose weight

It all started when I took my daughter to Disneyland and I thought I’m not fit enough to keep up with her.

I wanted to be able to enjoy some of the rides with her but looked at them and thought ‘can I get on there?’  It was ridiculous watching and not being part of her experience.

Being a role model for my daughter

I was a size 36 at my biggest. You don’t realise how big you’re getting by just not having an active lifestyle at all. I would walk to the corner shop and that’s as far as it got.

I was offered bariatric surgery but I didn’t want to go down that route.

I was encouraging my daughter Sophie to be active and thought ‘this is not the role model for my daughter at all.’  She goes to the gym with me now, to the kids club.

Weight loss with Weightwatchers

When we got home after our holiday I joined Weightwatchers online because I was too embarrassed to go to a group thing to start with. I lost four stone by myself doing it online. Then I joined my local group.

It was about counting the points, portion size and still eating your treats so it worked for me.  That’s partly down to the Weightwatchers leader Sharon Lowes who does an amazing job and is so supportive.

kate wearing a medal after running

My running journey

I found out about the NHS Couch to 5K plan. At that stage I couldn’t run for a bus but as I was losing weight a group of friends said ‘why don’t we do it together?’ And very slowly, jogging at the same speed as walking to start with, we got going. Now I’ve lost 10 stone!

I plucked up the courage to get a personal trainer and Kris has been absolutely brilliant. It’s down to him that I can now run seven miles. Then he said I needed to aim for something and suggested the Great North Run.

kate and her daughter after a run

Why I ran a half marathon for wishes

My daughter Sophie chose for me to run for Make-A-Wish UK.

She has dyspraxia which she finds quite challenging when it comes to fine motor skills and day to day life skills but she never gives up.

She understands that there are children a lot worse off than her. She found out what Make-A-Wish does and loved the idea of fundraising to give brave children amazing memories and wanted to make sure our money made a real difference.

kate wearing a make a wish training t shirt

More marathon medals ahead

A friend made me a sign with hooks on it for different running medals. There’s a 5km hook, a 10km hook, a half marathon hook and the last hook is for a full marathon so it’s a long, long way off but maybe one day I’ll get the full set.

My husband Neil has been a great support. He made sure he was in to look after Sophie so I could go out and train – though he doesn’t run, he’s more of a golf man himself!

kate smiling in the sun

A healthier weight and a confident future

We’ve just come back from our first ever package holiday.

I still love the fact that the seat belt on the plane fastens fine and I have to tighten it because it wouldn’t fit on the plane when we went to Disneyland that time. I had to get an extension. People don’t think of things like that.

Before now I was always thinking, I’ve not got the confidence. So it’s not just made a physical difference but mentally too I’m a lot happier.


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