Kristina tells us about her son Sebbie and his wish to #BeAPirate! | Make-A-Wish
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Kristina tells us about her son Sebbie and his wish to #BeAPirate!

Kristina, wish mum

My son, Sebbie, is 4 years old – he’s an amazing character and is a cheeky little monkey!


Make A Wish child Sebbie and his mum smiling

When he was just 2, he was diagnosed with a cancer-like condition. He's had to endure lots of chemotherapy.

It was a low dose at first but he's just finished a particularly hard period of steroid treatment and is now undergoing a more intense chemo every three weeks, for four days at a time. 

Life is tough, he's like any other child his age - and treatment and constant hospital visits shouldn't be part of his childhood.

Sebbie's a very imaginative little boy. We spend lots of time at home, and in hospital during treatment, being creative to pass time. 

He made a boat out of anything he could get his hands on in the hospital!

Make A Wish child Sebbie with his handmade boat in hospital

As you can tell from the boat he made, he's particularly fascinated with pirates - his nickname's 'Captain Barnacle'. We even made him his own pirate ship at home out of a cardboard box - complete with anchor and sails! 

Make A Wish child Sebbie with his handmade cardboard pirate ship

Sebbie's wish to be a pirate at a party on a ship will help him see that anything's possible. Even waiting for his wish to be granted is giving him hope and something to look forward to beyond hospital visits. 

His imagination is so important in making his childhood special and his wish coming true will be a huge part of that - it's something we could never have done.

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