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Family Life: Top 10 tips for organising children's parties from a Wishgranter!

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We spoke to the Wishgranter behind Lucy's incredible party. Here, Wishgranter Lucy Dowling gives her top 10 tips for organising a magical children's party that's stress-free and perfectly planned!

Lucy Dowling wishgranter

1. Speak to the child about the party they want. 

Parents often think they know what a child wants and they can end up being very disappointed if they plan it on their own without the child’s input.

2. Plan the party at a suitable location which isn’t miles away from home to all the people they will be inviting.

This will help with the logistics of the day for everyone.

3. Let people know about the party in plenty of time.

This stops the child being disappointed if many of their friends and their family’s already have other plans.

4. Ask people to get to the venue around 15 minutes beforehand.

State the start time on the invite as well so that parents won’t be late and everyone is ready to start on time. Also include the end time of the party so parents know when to pick their children up!

5. Make sure the party doesn’t go on for more than around 2.5 – 3 hours.

The younger the children are the quicker they will get tired and nothing is worse than having children laden with sugar running around for the first few hours then crashing and being grumpy for the final few hours.

6. Remember to buy enough food, drink and cake for everyone.

If you know kids at parties love chicken nuggets make sure there are extra portions of those! Also try and remember to include a section in the invite for dietary requirements and any allergies so you can let the venue know beforehand.

7. Give yourself time to decorate and pack down.

Many venues that cater for children’s birthday parties run them throughout the day and parties will be allocated a time slot. The party planner will have to fit everything within this time slot – set up, party and pack down!

8. Hire a party leader!

Party leader's are great as the kids can be entertained whilst the planner can problem shoot from the side line. Sometimes party leaders can come with a party package or you can find someone freelance and local to help run the party.

9. Make sure there are enough adults to children.

Working with 1 adult to every 5 children is a good start (in my opinion anyway!).

10. Party bags!

No party is complete without one and kids love receiving them as a momento of their friend’s special day. It’s nice to go out with the birthday child and grab all the bits to put in the party bag too. They will know what