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We spoke to medal-winning paralympians at our Sports Dinner.

They gave some inspirational advice to live your life by and help others who feel that their condition might hold them back in achieving their dreams.

Watch the video to hear it all:


Jodie, wish child

We’re telling the inspirational stories of the children we work with who have used sport to give them strength.

Children like Jodie.

Jodie from West Bromwich had to have her leg amputated in April 2014 after she was diagnosed with bone cancer.

Sporty Jodie has set up her own charity to help other children without limbs. The charity provides special prosthetics that enable children to keep doing the sports and activities they love.

A shocking diagnosis

Jodie was a typical teenage girl who had dreams of being a PE teacher.

She was diagnosed with bone cancer after experiencing pain in her knee. She thought she’d torn a ligament while trampolining. But when the pain got worse and went on for several months, tests showed things were a lot more serious.

jodie and her mum after jodies mum had her hair shaved

She began chemotherapy treatment which meant that she lost her very long hair – something she was dreading. But her “rock” - mum Leasa - had her hair shaved off at the same time in support of Jodie and donated it to charity, which really helped her face the situation.

Learning to walk again

However, the cancer did not respond to the chemotherapy so surgeons explained that the safest option would be to amputate Jodie’s right leg from 20 cm above the tumour.

Make-A-Wish UK

Emmi Holland, better known as Rapunzel, wanted to help poorly children...

emmi before and after haircut

Emmi has never let her mum take her to the hairdressers but was inspired to donate 15 inches of her beautiful locks to charity after seeing a story on television about another child who had done the same.