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1. John, Florrie's dad

"It’s wonderful when we can come all together and forget about Florence being poorly and just spending time together, truly wonderful"

FLORRIE her mum and dad laughing

Four year old Florrie is fighting a rare form of cancer. She loves anything to do with princesses so wished to be transformed into a princess for the day! The wish gave Florrie and her family the chance to have precious time together away from the realities of her condition.

Dr. Simon Parke, Consultant Paediatrician, Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital

Dr. Simon Parke, a consultant paeditrician, talks about the positive effect he's seen wishes have on his young patients.

Dr. Parke has worked with many children facing life-threatening conditions, and provides day-to-day care as they go through their treatment. He's seen the impact wishes have - and gives his expert, medical opinion on why they're so important. 

The Need

Dr. Parke explains how life-threatening conditions cut children off from normal activities, leaving them isolated and lonely. He talks about the unpleasant treatment children must go through, meaning they miss out of precious moments in their childhood that other healthy children get to experience. 

Dr. Parke has seen first-hand the huge negative impact a diagnosis with a life-threatening condition has on a child and their family, saying:

The world can seem like a very dark, very black place for the child and their family.

How wishes help

Wishes helping during treatment...

Dr Simon Parke said: "In my experience children who go through the treatment with positivity, with things to look forward to, with things to make the experience more tolerable for them, seem to cope with their treatment better seem to spend less time in hospital."

Amy, wish child

amy and her little sister in hospital

Dear Gemma,

You were only 10 when I was diagnosed with leukaemia. Initially we didn’t want to tell you as you were so little. It was a scary time for everyone and we didn’t want you getting upset.

I can’t imagine what it was like for you trying to understand everything that was going on.

But you were my little side kick… having you beside me in the ward torturing me, playing games and even arguing with me kept me going.

Oh and not to forget how you were my dancing partner! Those hours we spent choreographing and practising routines in the corridors of the hospital ward (as strange as we may have looked), I really appreciated.

Those moments are what kept me strong and gave me determination.

Things were all looking up at Christmas that year, we were back on track and I was healthy again. You had your big sister back at home and life was back to normal.