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Wear What You Wish

What did you wish to be when you were younger? A princess? A police officer? An astronaut? Whatever you wished to be – Wear What You Wish is your chance to get dressed up and raise funds to help change the lives of children with critical illnesses.


What is Wear What You Wish?

We want you to organise a Wear What You Wish day in your workplace or school. For a donation, everyone dresses up as what they wish to be! Download our fundraising pack below for more information and advice on holding an event and a poster to promote your event. And if you're planning on holding an event, please register with us. One of our Regional Fundraising Managers will then be in touch to give you all the support you need with getting your event off the ground!

Wear What You Wishs fundraising pack

Everything you need to get your Wear What You Wish event up and running at your school and workplace!


Every person signed up, and donation received, will help grant wishes to children like Hamish.

Wish child Hamish in knight outfit, sticking tongue out at camera

Hamish's family knew something was wrong when he became pale and began having pains in his stomach and knees. Hamish was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia – cancer of the white blood cells. The treatment was gruelling for Hamish and made him very sick.

Hamish loves knights and is inspired by tales of brave heroes rescuing damsels in distress. He has an incredible imagination, so it came as no surprise that he wished to become a knight. So we suited up ‘Sir Hamish’ for a magical day as a medieval hero!

On his wish, Hamish was greeted by actors who told him a story of a brave man who becomes a knight. As they told the story, Hamish played the part of the fledgling knight. He fought off baddies with his own sword and shield! He also rescued his mum Laura from monsters, before being knighted as 'Sir Hamish'.

Wear what you wish

"It was really good for Hamish to enjoy just being a child instead of having to cope with treatment," Laura told us after Sir Hamish had rescued her. "He had the best time."

By holding your own Wear What You Wish event, you'll be helping grant wishes to children like Hamish. Register with us today to get started.