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The life-changing impact of spa pool wishes

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Spa pool wishes have a life-changing impact on the seriously ill children who wish for them. We've put together this blog of feedback from families who've seen the impact first-hand. 

Jack is living with Ohtahara sydrome and his wish came true in 2017, his dad John told us;

“Jack is a totally different child when he’s in the water. When he comes home from school the whole family pile into the spa pool and have a splash about. It’s something that they can all enjoy together.

Jack is just delighted to be splashing around in the water, the water soothes him and it helps to tire him out which helps with sleeping.”

Jack in spa pool with his dad and sister

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Casey is living with SWAN syndrome (Sydrome Without A Name), and her wish came true in 2017, her mum Ellie told us;

“Casey has been in the hot tub nearly every day and it is already improving her tight muscles and as you can see from the smile on her face she absolutely loves it - we cannot thank you enough!”

Casey with her family in the spa pool

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William had his wish granted in 2015. He's living with a life-threatening form of cerebral palsy. His mum Laura told us,

“The spa pool has had a big emotional impact on him. It makes William happy and comfortable and has made a big difference to his sleep – he used to wake up a lot in the night but he doesn’t as much now. The pool relaxes his muscles and has generally made him happier and calmer."

“The spa pool has also helped to unlock some communication with William – when asked if he wants to go in the spa pool, he makes a noise that is a very definite ‘yes’ and this has helped us recognise this sound as his ‘yes’ noise in other situations, which is great."

William smiling in his spa pool

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Thanks to a collaboration with Hot Tub Warehouse, we can continue granting these life-changing wishes and helping more children experience the incredible benefits.