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Wish child Casey smiling in her spa pool
SWAN (syndrome without a name)
I wished to have a spa pool!

When Casey from Truro in Cornwall wasn’t reaching any of her developmental milestones and failed to gain weight as a baby, her parents Ellie and Marcus knew something was wrong.

Casey began having numerous tests - blood tests, brain scans, biopsies and appointments with specialists all failed to provide any conclusions or diagnosis, leaving the family with no answers around their daughter’s condition.

Then at a GP appointment when she was six months old, Casey started to have a fit, and more tests showed that she’d had multiple seizures previously, causing significant brain damage.

Now eight years old, Casey is living with SWAN ‘syndrome without a name’, an undiagnosed genetic condition, and is cared for full-time by her parents.

When Ellie and Marcus turned to us, they told us Casey’s wish would be to have her very own spa pool, after seeing the therapeutic effects it had on her when she used one in hospital in recovery from a severe case of flu.

One True Wish

So in July 2017, Casey’s wish came true! Make-A-Wish partners Hot Tub Warehouse delivered Casey's brand new spa pool to the family home and they were all so excited to get in it with Casey!

The spa pool has amazing physical benefits for Casey. When she’s in the water she becomes weightless, so she can move around much more easily and it’s also great for her to do her physiotherapy exercises.

She becomes instantly relaxed when she’s in the water and has the biggest smile on her face too!

A life-changing experience

The spa pool has also been life-changing for the whole family.

It gives them a chance to spend quality time with each other and has brought them closer together as a family; in particular it’s been great for Casey to play with her older sister Jaimie in the water, and has strengthened their already close bond.

Speaking of the wish, Ellie said, “Casey has been in the hot tub nearly every day and it is already improving her tight muscles and as you can see from the smile on her face she absolutely loves it - we cannot thank you enough!”


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