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I wish to live in a treehouse with the fairies

Elsie is three and lives in Nottingham, she wishes to live with fairies in a treehouse. You can help her to make up for two years of lost childhood by sponsoring her wish.

Mum, Bec, says:

Elsie is incredibly big-hearted for such a little girl, very caring and full of life. She has an incredible imagination and is a huge animal lover. For her wish, she wants to live in a treehouse with the fairies. Every day, she is coming up with new elements of her wish. She dreams about it, and talks about how she can’t wait to meet the squirrels and see where the fairies live.

The long road ahead

Elsie was a happy, normal baby. She was just about to start nursery aged 18 months, when she was diagnosed with leukaemia. That first night in hospital was horrific; she was so little that the doctors struggled to get blood samples from her veins. From then on, we cut ourselves off from everything to focus on Elsie’s 26 months of cancer treatment.

Elsie undergoing treatment

Since Elsie's cancer diagnosis lots has changed for our family and it has been worrying and exhausting, but when Elsie and I are together she makes me feel like everything is going to be okay. She is ridiculously intuitive and kind. She makes me feel like a more kind, more loving and a better person. She is my inspiration.

You would never have known how poorly she was. While the medicine was going in, she would lie in my arms and smile up at me. She has names for all her medicines – her wiggly, her juice medicine and her banana medicine.

Magical moment

After a year, she started nursery all over again, but every time we had to take her back into hospital we were afraid of her relapsing or getting sepsis.

Elsie in hospital

We missed out on so much in that time. My dad died and we couldn’t go to the funeral together, we could never take her to soft play centres, and she’s never been swimming because of her Hickman line, and she was constantly covered in plasters and wounds. I remember Elsie’s dad and I going swimming before she was born and imagining bringing our baby back there soon, but cancer has meant that’s not been possible. Taking her swimming for the first time on her wish is going to be a magical moment.

Fairy doors and fairy baths

Elsie’s leukaemia treatment is due to finish in March, and then it’s only a few months before her wish will be granted. Wishgranter Becky is sending us to a Treehouse at Center Parcs, complete with a hot tub, which Elsie says is a fairy bath! There are going to be ‘fairy doors’ throughout the Treehouse, a swimming pool for her first ever swim, and there’s a land train so she’ll get her first ever ride on a train too!

Rebuilding confidence

It’s going to be a big milestone for our family. It’s been horrific and traumatic seeing our baby suffer. Elsie will enjoy so many new experiences there and her wish is a chance to rebuild her confidence. She is thriving and smart and happy, but can be anxious sometimes, and she’s behind her peers because she’s missed out for so long. I’m mourning the childhood she’s lost, but looking forward to making up for it with her wish.

Help Elsie to bring her brilliant fairy-filled imagination to life by sponsoring her wish.

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