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Ewing's Sarcoma
I wish to have a computer to help me compose music

Jack, who was diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma, wishes for a computer to help him compose music.

Jack is thirteen. He lives in Birmingham and has a younger sister.

Everything went on hold

Before his illness, Jack loved to play the piano and saxophone, especially with his grandad, who had a big influence on him. He was offered a scholarship because of his musical talent but, a week before his thirteenth birthday, Jack was diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma, a type of bone cancer affecting children. Almost every week since then has been spent in hospital, and everything else has been on hold.

Dad Paul says, “It’s forced Jack to grow up a lot. But this new perspective on life has been a great learning experience for him.”

Jack in hospital

A miracle

Doctors said Jack’s arm would have to be amputated, but thanks to pioneering surgery in Austria, only the damaged section of Jack’s arm bone was removed, so he was able to keep his hand, allowing him to remain independent.

Jack has also had a section of lung removed and been through radiotherapy. It’s a long journey of rehabilitation as Jack works to restore movement and strength in his arm.

Jack was still offered the school he was hoping for, and Mum Cathy says he is a miracle for being so resilient and strong.

Newfound passion

Since his illness, Jack can no longer play musical instruments like before, but he’s got into music video production and composing music on the computer – combining his Grandad’s love of music and his Dad’s technical knowhow.

He writes his own loops and riffs and knows everything about music! But the computer he uses isn’t as powerful as he’d like and he is already scheming up ideas of running his own online business.

Jack and his dad

Staying connected

Music and his computer are the only things that got Jack through his treatment. He likes rap and chart music, and although he used to play classical music when he played instruments, he likes to compose more modern music now.

Even when Jack was in hospital and unable to see his friends in person, chatting and playing games with them online helped him to feel connected.

Jack wishes for a CyberPower Gaming PC to help him develop his love of music production. You can help make Jack’s wish come true by sponsoring his wish.

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