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Leah smiling at the camera
Brain Tumour
I wish to be a school teacher for the day

Leah's wish has been fully fundraised thanks to her kind supporters. Her wish is currently being organised and her supporters will be updated on her wish in the next couple months.

Leah, aged 7 from Dundee, is living with a brain tumour. She wishes to be a teacher for the day, as she would love to be one when she is older. 

Two years ago, Leah's parents took her to see the doctor as she had a sore head and ongoing sickness. The results of a CTA scan revealed the devastating news that Leah, then just five years old, had a brain tumour.

Just three months after an operation to remove the tumour, it had grown again. Leah's Dad, Stephen says "she's been through so much already, but even through 18 months of chemotherapy Leah still went to school every day. She loves being there and looks up to her teachers." 

Treatment has reduced the size of Leah's tumour but not made it go away, so medication is part of her daily routine now. Chemotherapy has given Leah Type 1 Diabetes, she takes steroids for an adrenal insufficiency and medicine for her thyroid too. 

Leah looking at the camera

Leah would like to teach art, as that is her favourite subject. Leah also told us that she is super excited to go into the staff room! 

She has asked for her wish to be at her own primary school but teaching the younger pupils. 

Leah will get the chance to choose her own special outfit and have her nails done beforehand so she can look the part for her special day. 

Leah has been through a lot, but she has remained cheerful and smiley the whole way through her treatment. 

Sponsor her wish today to be part of her One True Wish. 

Food: £40; Nails and outfit: £150; Limo: £400; Travel: £40; Total: £630

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