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Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia
I wish to go to Lapland

Finn's wish has now been fully fundraised by his kind supporters! His supporters will be updated on his wish in the New Year.

Five year-old Finn, from Warminster, is just like any other child his age – he’s very active and full of energy, loves running around and playing with his older brother Archie.

But in October 2015, Finn’s world was turned upside down when he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia.

Wish child Finn sat in a toy tractor

After having an ear infection that wouldn’t go away, one day Finn’s mum Debbie went into his bedroom and found him looking very grey, with no colour in his face. She took him to the doctors who told her to take Finn straight to hospital, where they carried out blood tests.

Whilst waiting for the results, a nurse came in and asked Debbie if her husband was with her.

She knew at this point that it was bad news.

Hospital staff told Debbie the devastating news that Finn had Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia and would have to start treatment straight away.

Wish child Finn asleep in hospital bed

He had a blood transfusion the day after his diagnosis, and then a bone marrow aspiration (to absolutely confirm it was leaukaemia) and his first chemotherapy session began the following day. Unfortunately, Finn had a bad reaction to the chemo and spent 7 weeks in hospital – some of it in isolation.

Finn is still undergoing treatment and will continue treatment until 2019.

Wish child Finn in a green woolly hat in hospital bed

His illness has had a huge impact on the whole family. When Finn was really poorly in hospital, Debbie would spend the week with him there – only returning to see his brother Archie at home for a brief visit at the weekend.

It also means that they have to be careful what activities they can do as a family, as Finn has no immune system and could easily catch infections.  

Debbie told us, “Our lives were completely normal and then all of a sudden it’s just turmoil.”

Finn and his mum Debbie on a windy beach

After the difficult time Finn and his family have had, they turned to us to bring back some magic by granting Finn’s One True Wish – to go to Lapland!

Both Finn and Archie love all things Christmassy - snow, the elves, and of course Father Christmas himself!

Wish child Finn and family with Father Christmas

Every Christmas, the elves come to stay at their house (and even make an appearance on birthdays!) so Finn and his brother are really excited to meet Santa’s real elves.

Here's Finn in a sledge his family bought earlier this year after snow was forecasted - but the snow never came.  Finn has also never seen real snow before - he’s fascinated by it and can’t wait to build snowmen, make snow angels and sledge in the snow!

Wish child Finn sat on a sledge in his kitchen

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Canterbury Travel are our official Lapland wish supplier, who help us to grant Lapland wishes!

Lapland package £3,580; Hotel the night before £125; Gifts from Santa £30; Expenses £613; Total £4,348
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